In 2001 Carsten Bullemer founded his company ynnor systems and only a year later the Portmaster Client Server Software had its first customers: Local pilots, tug boat and boatmen companies jumped on the advantages. Soon the virtues of the system were recognized by customers in other European countries.

The demand for the integration of AIS information led to the development of vesseltracker.com in 2006. The new venture was so successful that a dedicated company has been founded for it. Today vesseltracker.com is one of the world’s foremost supplier of AIS data and a reliable information source for the Portmaster system.

The ultimate challenge for supporting port activities is a Port Community System. In 2011 we started to developed wateropt.com to serve the diverse and manifold requirements of ports and their service companies. The new and completely web oriented system is much more flexible and user friendly than conventional systems.

Today Maritime Data Systems is still a young yet experienced enterprise with customers and development units in a number of European countries.