Engine Population supports marine engine manufacturers to track engines after sale. Get an idea about the engine usage and be aware of the actual owner. You will be noticed about docking and scrapping activities and your after sales team can use these informations to boost their after-sales business. FEATURES Link AIS Tracking Data with your[…]


trusteddocks.comĀ for shipowners trusteddocks.com helps shipowners to find the right shipyard for their maintenance projects in the designated region. Furthermore shipowners can monitor the progress of their project and the utalization of the choosen shipyard. Trusteddocks also informs about all newbuild projects around the globe and gives information about vessels that leave the market for scrapping.[…]


tuganalytics.comĀ helps tugboat operators to reduce fuel burn, archives all jobs and calculates the utilization of the entire harbour tug fleet. Tug Analytics makes sure that all invoices are billed properly and also keeps an eye on the activities of the competition. FEATURES Track & archive all tugjobs (including competition) in realtime Track all large vessels[…]


searoutes.com is the first distance calculation service that makes use of real historic shipvoyages that have been recorded by AIS-signals. So, it is by far more accurate than all other existing distance tables or calculators. Our algorithm can calculate the best shiproute (or most fuel efficent) in calm waters, but searoutes.com also works in rough[…]