SR_Title is the first distance calculation service that makes use of real historic shipvoyages that have been recorded by AIS-signals. So, it is by far more accurate than all other existing distance tables or calculators. Our algorithm can calculate the best shiproute (or most fuel efficent) in calm waters, but also works in rough water conditions (wind, waves, currents). Mariners can use searoutes online or integrated in their own applications via rest-api.


  • Distance calculation from port to port or point  to point
  • Compare with AIS Tracks of real ships
  • (S)ECA distance calculation/Avoid Seca
  • Routing points – more than 150
  • Port database & shipyard database integrated
  • JWC zones & piracy avoidance
  • Avoid specific terretorial waters
  • Weather reports (actual & weather along the way – from NOAA)
  • Weather maps (together with windyty)
  • Traffic separation zones included (A2B <> B2A)
  • Inland waterways
  • Weather routing (coming soon)
  • Fuel estimation (coming soon)
  • Rest api available


  • Calculate exact distances
  • Find optimal route taking wind, wave & tide under account
  • Compare your route with best practices routes
  • Get exact estimation about fuel consumption & carbon usage & NOX emissions
  • Easy integration in other software packages for routing & eta calculation

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