tuganalytics.com helps tugboat operators to reduce fuel burn, archives all jobs and calculates the utilization of the entire harbour tug fleet. Tug Analytics makes sure that all invoices are billed properly and also keeps an eye on the activities of the competition.


  • Track & archive all tugjobs (including competition) in realtime
  • Track all large vessels coming and leaving your port with or without assistance
  • Archive all tugjobs and portcalls as a movie clip
  • Report utilization of own and competitor fleet
  • Get exact timestamps for mobilization, demobilization and on-the-job times
  • Measure max, min and average speed and distance at mobilization, demobilization and on-the-job
  • Make use of weather, current and tidal observations
  • Estimate real and optimal fuel consumption
  • Relate size of assisted ship to bollard pull of the tug
  • Integrate data in your existing enterprise systems or download into Excel


  • Optimize tug speed to minimize tug fuel consumption
  • Avoid fuel theft
  • Find new business opportunities (first time vessels/vessels without contracts)
  • Compare AIS jobdata with inhouse billing data
  • Archive and document every job for customer request or insurance claims
  • Compare & benchmark utilization of own and competitor tugfleet
  • Generate a sound data basis for new investment decisions to new tugs

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